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contains nuts gluten-free • gluten-free options are available for most dishes +2

**The following large plates are only available after 4:00PM each day**

please notify your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions prior to ordering as not all ingredients are listed. our menu items are carefully sourced and crafted with intention. substitutions politely declined.

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

**A 22% gratuity will be added to tabs left open at time of closing.

***A $2 per person up-charge will be added to the bill with any desserts brought in that is not purchased from Acreage.

Apricot Haze

$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

6.1 Our ode to hops! Bursting at the seams with Sabro, El Dorado, and Citra Hops. A healthy dose of apricot lends a silky mouthfeel and juicy finish. Notes of peach rings, passionfruit, and dank resinous pine. All of the hops, none of the malt! Off-dry.


$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

6.7 Co-fermented with Raspberries. Tart, Ruby, Bright. Dry

Real dry

$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

6.8 Made from apples. Tart, Fruit-Forward, Clean. Dry

Chile guava

$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

5.2 Bright & tropical pink guava puree with enlivening spicy notes of guajillo & Chile de árbol. Off-Dry

Hard Mango Lemonade

$7 • 16oz w/ ice

8.0 Juicy puckering lemons meet a splash of tropical mango flavor for a perfectly balanced refresher at home from backyard to tailgate. Served over ice. Off-dry.

Hard Peach Tea

$7 • 16oz w/ ice

8.0 Bright & tropical pink guava puree with enlivening spicy notes of guajillo & Chile de árbol. Off-Dry


$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

5.8 Fresh pressed apples carefully fermented until just the right amount of sweetness remains. Off-Dry.


$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

5.2 Fresh pressed apple sweetened with fresh pressed pear juice. Notes or caramel & sweet pear. Off-Dry.

Hibiscus session

$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

4.3 Our take on Agua de Jamaica. Bright, Balanced, uncomplicated. Semi-Sweet

A Salted Cucumber

$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

6.4 In collaboration with The Real Dill. Dry cider finished with fresh pressed cucumber juice, citra hops and a touch of sea salt. Dry.

oak aged winesap

$9 • $12 • $12 • $18

6.5 A collab with our friends at St. Rain Cider. Singer varietal Colorado Winesap aged on French oak. Notes of apple blossom, vanilla custard, herbaceous oak. Dry.


$9 • $12 • $12 • $18

6.4 Made with traditional cider apples and aged in stainless. Clean fruit on the nose. Dry to appreciate the fruit tannins. Dry.

le chêne

$9 • $12 • $12 • $18

5.5 Fresh pressed Northern Spy, Golden Russet, Macintosh and Jonathan apples. Fermented dry and aged in a red wine barrel for 2 years. Notes of caramel & vanilla with a kiss of charred oak. Dry.

Lava Flow

$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

5.8 A Hawaiian inspired explosion of pineapple and strawberry with a refreshing finish. Off-dry.


$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

5.0 A dazzling display of grapefruit & key lime purees with a subtle yet intriguing note of black pepper spice. Off-dry.

Tequila Barrel-Aged Paloma

$10 • 10oz

9.6 A limited edition of our favorite Summer seasonal! Matured for 14 months in tequila barrels, this cider is a vibrant burst of grapefruit & key lime enhanced by a kiss of smoky oak and hints of vanilla. Off-dry.

Pina Colada

8.5 Lush layers of toasted & raw coconut rendevous with juicy pineapple and a touch of key lime for an experimental oasis wherever you find yourself.

Neural Nectar

$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

5.0 In collaboration with our friends at McCoLove Farm. A lemongrass cherry limeade cider with MyCoLove’s Lion’s Mane Mushroom extract. Notes of cherry preserves, fruit leather, green apple skin, and subtle spice. Off-dry.


$9 • $12 • $15 • $22

5.6 A burst of juicy strawberry collides with bright Egyptian hibiscus flowers for a punch-like profile that perfectly walks the edge of sweet & tart. Off-dry.

Singapore Sling

$6 • $9

8.5 We infused our base cider with Pineapple Puree, Key Lime, Cherry juice, and Gin inspired botanicals. Th result is one of the most refreshing Imperial-strength ciders we’ve crafted. Notes of herbaceous juniper, jammy pineapple, and juicy key limes. Off-dry.

Tangerine Whip

$6 • $9 • $12 • $18

6.3 A bright and dreamy blend of tangerine puree, madagascar vanilla beans. Nostalgic notes of orange creamsicle with a lively citrus finish. Semi-sweet.

Triple Berry Parfait

$8 • $11

7.9 This experimental cider was aged in an oak barrel and underwent malolactic fermentation imparting softer acidity and a rich body. It was then conditioned on raspberry, blueberry and strawberry as well as toasted coconut. Notes of granola, berry cobbler and raspberry fruit leather. Semi-sweet.

imagine! flight


portion of proceeds to imagine! Foundation

Real Dry • Pear • Hard Mango Lemonade • Neural Nectar

Fruity Flight


balanced, refreshing, fragrant

Raspberry • Pear• Hibiscus • Ridgeline

Pick Your Own Flight


any selection of 4 ciders from the menu

Pommeau Taster

$4 • 2.5oz

Barrel Aged, Apple Dessert Wine

Classic Margarita


Suerte Blanco tequila, cointreau, lime

Cider Margarita


top your ‘classic marg’ with Chile Guava, Ridgeline, Pear or Apricot Haze

Spicy Passion


Tanteo, Se Busca mezcal, Chinola, house hot honey, lime. Garnished w/ tajin coated pineapple.

Hey Arnold


George Dickel Rye Whiskey, Stem’s Hard Mango Lemonade, Angostura & Peychaud’s bitters, suntea, lemon, simple.



Diplomatic Exclusiva rum, Real McCoy 3-yr rum, apertivo, ginger liqueur, lime, coconut water.

Sunset Spritz


Stem’s Tangerine Whip, Tito’s vodka, Aperol, lemon

Cucumber Cup


Stem’s Salted Cucumber, Spirit Hound gin, Pimms, lemon

old fashioned


A.D. Laws Bourbon, turbinado, angostura, cherry bitters, orange, LUXARDO

Bloody Mary


The Real Dill OG Bloody Mix, Tito’s vodka, lemon

Howdy Pilsner

$5 • 16oz

4.5 American Pilsner, refreshed it, renewed it, and created a gloriously drinkable celebration of both unique American brewing heritage and amazing ingredients. This smooth, drinkable pils features a lovely Western hop flavor and aroma which gives way to a delicate malt flavor, finishing crisp and clean. Howdy Beer Co

Prost Maibock

$8 • 16oz

6.7 A celebration of May. Citrus & herbal aromas lead way to a grassy and sweet, malty finish. Prost Brewing Co

Avery Nomadic Dreamer

$8 • 16oz

6.7 Deeply hazy IPA with the taste and aroma of orange and mango and a tranquil hop finish Avery Brewing Co

Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout

$8 • 16oz

6.0 Jet black stout with a thick head of foam. Aromas of roasted coffee, milk chocolate, brown sugar and vanilla cream with a subtle bitterness toward the end. Left Hand Brewing Co.

2020 Matua Sauvignon Blanc

$9 Glass

Bright, passionfruit and stonefruit notes, citrus, crisp acidity. Marlborough, NZ

2018 Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon

$9 glass

Ripe, rich character with elegance and poise. Back berry fruit and ripe cherries leap from the glass, supported by toasty vanilla and cocoa. Full of fleshy, across the mid plate, dark fruit reigns, balanced by good acidity and bright cherry notes. Central Coast, CA

Mocktail Mule


Stem’s NA juice, lime, simple, ginger beer

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha


peach, pineapple, strawberry

fresh brewed Sun-Tea


(limited, no free refills)

Housemade Lemonade


(limited, no free refills)

Arnold Palmer


(limited, no free refills)

Stem’s Apple Juice

$3 kids • $5 16oz

Soda bottle


Boylan’s: Cane Cola, Root Beer, Lemon Lime & Dr. Boylan

a 22% gratuity will be added to tabs left open at time of closing

multiple payments accepted, separate checks not available

Growler prices listed do not include the price of new glassware • $5 for 32oz Stem growlette, $7 for 64oz Stem growler